The International Workshop for Young Mathematicians is an opportunity for young researchers, undergraduates and PhD students to give a talk presenting the results of your research. It is a time for us, students who have mathematics running through our blood, to attend our friends' lectures as well as lectures given by the invited guests, who often use events like this to share their yet unpublished findings. First and foremost however, this is a workshop event. We will have guest and supervisor led problem sessions, where anything can happen - it is all up to your personal incentives and interests. There will also be a poster session during the Workshop.

Our main objectives are learning, exchanging thoughts, and establishing new scientific connections. However, we cannot forget about our social needs, numerous bonding and icebreaking activities are planned. These vary year to year, but examples include bowling, sightseeing, barbecues, paintball, or virtually anything the organisers can come up with.

Although the name sounds serious, fear not dear Student. From the first smiles at registration through to the final echoes of splintering chalk, this event is for you. Do not worry about your English, you will manage just fine. Take your friends, both the journey and the event itself are always more cheerful in a group. Feeling ambitious? Test your skills by preparing either a lecture or a poster, ultimately we are here to learn from one another.

We extend a sincere invitation for you to come and join us – your time here will be a blast. In case of any questions, feel free to contact us at: We are looking forward to having you with us!